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Posted on: November 2, 2017

Gorilla war: Sign ordinance rewrite in the works

Cranberry has had an ordinance regulating outdoor sign size, placement, materials and more on the books for some time now. But it is largely in the form of grids and charts such as those showing the relationship of maximum sign area to lot size or zoning district. Problem is, that information has been hard for local business owners to interpret and difficult for Township staff to use. So a complete rewrite of the code has been underway to reorganize the material, modify its administrative requirements, and include more narrative descriptions along with pictures of signs as examples. But you won’t see major changes along the Township’s major arteries. The changes are primarily for clarity. Beyond that, sign regulation is a delicate matter, because political signs are constitutionally protected as freedom of speech, whereas commercial signs are not – even if they are physically the same. So an inflatable gorilla holding a “Vote for Judge Jones” sign would be protected whereas that same gorilla, holding a “Monster Tire Sale” sign, would not. On November 2, Cranberry’s Board of Supervisors heard a staff report on the updated sign ordinance and agreed to consider adoption of the revised law following a public hearing on December 7.

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