Rules of Play

Overview of Course RulesGolf Course

  • USGA rules govern play, except where modified by local rules.
  • All play must start from tee #1 unless otherwise directed by the golf staff.
  • Repair all ball marks on greens.
  • Replace all divots on the tees and fairways.
  • Rake all sand bunkers smooth after your shot.
  • Fairway yardage markers, in-ground tee markers, and 150-yard
  • Bird houses are measured to the center of the green.
  • Each player must have their own (or rental) set of clubs and bag.
  • Players must follow the instructions from the golf staff and on-course assistants.
  • The golf staff reserves the right to pair golfers to complete a foursome at any time.
  • Practicing on the golf course is not permitted.
  • Play "ready golf." Cranberry Highlands is committed to a 4 1/2, 18-hole round of golf. Allow faster players to play through. Your group is responsible to keep pace with the group immediately in front of you. If your group falls behind, the player assistant will inform your group that they need to regain their position. If the position is not regained in a reasonable amount of time, your group will be instructed to move to your proper position behind the group in front of you.
  • Use drop areas on holes 3 and 15 to speed up play.

Local rule: Play unmarked wooded areas and fescue as a lateral hazard.

General Course Policies

  • All golfers must register in the golf shop and retain the proper receipt before beginning play.
  • Spectators and non-golfers are not permitted on the golf course unless pre-arranged through Cranberry Highlands.
  • Children under six years of age are not permitted on the golf course or practice facility.
  • Rude behavior or abusive treatment of staff or other golfers will not be tolerated. Violators may be asked to leave the property without a refund.
  • The law provides that injury to persons and damage to property caused by a golf shot is the sole and financial responsibility of the golfer that hit the golf shot. Golf at your own risk.
  • Damage done to the golf course property is the sole and financial responsibility of the individual causing the damage.

For more information, please contact the Golf Course. 724-776-7372.