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It’s not Pulp Fiction.  It’s Pulp Juice and Smoothie Bar

Over time, Cranberry Township grew to become a regular stop for Army veteran Rich Chamness, while he pursued various business interests in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  But he what he found was that the longer he spent in the Township, the more he came to love the area and the people around it.  There was just one problem: he couldn’t find many healthy alternatives to the fast food eateries scattered throughout the community.  

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Meanwhile, a good friend of his – inspired by an earlier visit to California – had begun a healthy food business of his own, 50 miles west of Cranberry, in Kent, Ohio.  After five years of building his business, the company – Pulp Juice and Smoothie Bar – was ready to grow.  Today, its website shows 25 locations with new franchises popping up all the time.  
For Chamness and business partner Mike Leach, Pulp Juice and Smoothie Bar represented the perfect combination of business acumen, good health, and personal connection they were looking for.  Today, with their own franchise on Rt. 19 next to Chipotle and across the street from Perkins, Chamness welcomes gym rats, sports teams, students, seniors and family groups who are looking to recharge their bodies with tasty, healthy, low-fat nutrition.  

Although good-tasting food is the foundation of his restaurant, smoothies enhanced with soy, anti-oxidants, and sugar-free high energy supplements are the defining quality of its menu.  However, one item, wheatgrass juice, is frequently consumed with a chaser while groups of regular customers enjoy watching startled expressions on the faces of those new to the product, which is promoted as an aid to digestion and an appetite suppressant.  

Wordplay and allusions to popular culture are used liberally to identify the restaurant’s smoothie offerings including Anna Banana, Mango Tango, Pulp Passion, Hangover Relief, Mango Bomb and Raging Berry.  Freshly squeezed juices and juice combinations are also available upon request as are made-to-order wraps, soups and salads.

Chamness takes pains to point out that his business uses only the best products, providing a truly healthy option to its competitors.  “While typical smoothie bars add pure sugar to all of their smoothies and many of their fruits are sitting in syrups, soaking up even more sugar, Pulp Juice and Smoothie Bar has zero added sugars and none of our fruits sit in syrup,” he pointed out.  

Even as his business succeeds, Chamness has never forgotten his comrades in arms.  Both he and Mike Leach are veterans who fully understand the sacrifices associated with military service.  All veterans are given a 20 percent discount very day and on Veterans Day, smoothies are free to any current or former service member.

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