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For more information, contact:

Josh Andree
Special Projects Coordinator
Ph: 724-776-4806 x 1517

Beekeeping at The Apiary

We are glad to see you are interested in beekeeping at the Cranberry Highlands Community Apiary. We aim to spread pollinator awareness and educate all our members so that they are successful and safe in their beekeeping. To help achieve this the following conditions are required:


Clubs are invited to have their beekeeping or gardening functions at the apiary or in our club house facilities. The apiary offers easy access, several Township owned hives for your demonstration, safety gear for the participants, ample parking, equipment transport if needed, Cranberry Township event advertisement, and a scenic landscape. If you are looking for an interior space, the club house is perfect for business or social gatherings. The building offers several room options with plenty of room services along with catering for events. Please see our different options below. 

Apiary Outings Package

Social Gatherings & Lighter Fare Packages

Business Meeting Packages