Board of Supervisors Meetings

Virtual Board of Supervisors Meeting

Thursday, January 27 at 6:30 PM (Online via GoToWebinar)

  • The agenda for the meeting, as well as supporting agenda item attachments and presentations, may be found on our Agenda Management system located here: Online Agenda.
  • Presentations for public hearings (when scheduled) are available for public view:

A link to register to view the meeting will be placed here.

How to join a GoToWebinar

If you wish to address the Board of Supervisors, you may virtually attend the live meeting broadcast and share your comments directly with the Supervisors. After registering, you will receive an email with the meeting access link.  An email reminder is sent one hour before the meeting begins.

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Comment at a Public Meeting

Instructions on how to make a comment on any item that is on the agenda or on a general topic not included on the agenda. This option does not include scheduled public hearings. Provide comments at a public meeting

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Comment at a Public Hearing

Instructions on how to provide comments during a scheduled public hearing. Provide comments at a public hearing

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