Cooped Up Cranberry

Cooped Up Cranberry- Activities & resource links for adults and children during the COVID-19 crisis

Hey Cranberry, there are all kinds of activities you can do at home while practicing social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis. Parks and Recreation and the Library have teamed up to create the Cooped-Up Cranberry program to help cure the boredom, with activities, videos and links on social media and our website!

Understanding why we are "Cooped Up"

All counties in Pennsylvania are currently under a Stay at Home Order. According to the PA Department of Health, we should stay home as much as possible, only getting groceries once per week and refraining from non-essential travel.

"Kids worry more when they’re kept in the dark." ~Rachel Ehmk

By now, most children have already heard about coronavirus, experienced social distancing, and witnessed people wearing face masks in public. Here are a couple of resources to help children understand what his happening during this difficult time.

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Featured Activity Videos

Featured Fitness Videos

Get in shape ONLINE with Nancy Triscuit, Cranberry Community Fitness instructor.