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No Mixed Signals: Comcast Business Expansion Helping Local Businesses

Perhaps now more than ever, reliable internet access is a key piece to a business’s success.

Comcast Businesses’ recent expansion along the Route 19 corridor will help add to the quality companies already providing dependable, fast ethernet, internet, wi-fi and phone service to the greater Cranberry Township area.

The expansion brings access to more than 2,400 additional business addresses, company officials said.

The impact is already being felt by local organizations, including the Regional Learning Alliance, a non-profit agency dedicated to improving the workforce and economy in the area.

 “Comcast Business is providing us with the speed and reliability we need to be successful,” said Dr. Justin Griffith, CEO of the Regional Learning Alliance.

Comcast Business was also quick to support efforts aimed at making Cranberry Township a better place to live, work, and play. Through a new multi-year agreement with the Cranberry Township Community Chest (CTCC), the organization has become the main sponsor of the community sign at the corner of routes 19 and 228.

“We are excited to work with Cranberry Township as it continues to support local businesses, from restaurants and doctors’ offices to corporate centers, professional complexes and more,” said Aaron Mimran, regional vice president of Comcast Business.

“Cranberry Township is a hub for regional, national and international businesses, and those companies need reliable services that will ensure they can get the job done each day,” said Dick Hadley, Chairman of the Cranberry Township Board of Supervisors. “We are thrilled that Comcast Business has expanded into Cranberry Township, joining other quality internet technology companies in providing these critical services to our businesses.”

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