Decks, Sheds, Pools, Enclosed Porches, Fences

Residential Building Permit
Requirements and Procedures

If you are applying for a Building Permit for any of the following - Use the Residential Building Permit - Modifications to existing Application in the Cranberry Township Online Portal.

  • DECKS (Over 30 inches above grade level)
  • SHEDS (Over 1,000 square feet)

If you are applying for a *Permit for a Utility Shed (under 1000 square feet, or a deck that is 30 inches or lower above grade level), use the Residential Zoning Permit from the Cranberry Township Online Portal.

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*Please check with your Homeowner’s Association (HOA) prior to applying for any Building/Zoning Permits.

Required for Type I Permitting:

1. Lot Survey or Plot Plan LOT 
Download a copy of your lot survey or plot plan showing the proposed location of the deck, porch, or shed after you have drawn the structure on the copy of your plot plan, (as close to scale as possible) showing where it will be located on your property, and noting the distances the structure will be from your property lines.

2. Structure Design 
Download your structure design OR a manufacturer's brochure that identify all dimensions and details of the structure.
Please - no drawings or doodles.

To have your application approved, your downloaded drawing(s) must show:

1. Size of the materials you will use:  ( ie:  2’’ X 4", 4" X 4", 2" X 10", etc.) and...

2. Placement and spacing of those materials. 

3. The drawing(s) must also include how the new structure will be attached to an existing structure, such as lag bolts (note the size) attaching a new deck to an existing house. 

4. Your drawing must also show the depth of the holes, or "footer" ( 36 inches below the grade level depth is required for approval). 

3.  To apply for new permits, use the blue button above to log in or create an account in the Online Portal
No paper applications or paper plans are required.  

If you have questions, please contact Planning & Development Services, Ph: 724-776-4806, x 1153.

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