Homeowner Associations

2019 Meetings
Meetings are held in the Municipal Center, Administration Office, Room 2403 (2nd floor)
Current HOA Forum Agenda

Recent HOA Forum Minutes

Monday, January 14, 2019
Monday, April 1, 2019
Monday, July 8, 2019
Monday, October 7, 2019

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The Forum serves as an opportunity for appointed representatives of the Homeowner Associations (HOA) within Cranberry Township to meet and discuss common issues and concerns, and to learn what is happening in the Township. Read "Why is a Homeowners Association Important?"

Forum meetings are led by a HOA representative. A Township staff member attends to participate and facilitate the discussion.
HOA Detention Pond Inspection Guide
Maintaining Your Detention Pond
Review the guidebook, or visit the webpage for More information

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA-DEP) has mandated that every municipality inspect all detention and retention ponds annually. Cranberry Township wants to inform the homeowners how to properly maintain your ponds. We need your help to properly maintain the detention ponds so they do not fail prematurely. Your stormwater detention and/or retention pond is an essential part of Pennsylvania’s efforts to improve the water quality of our streams, rivers, and lakes. 
Questions, and the Annual Inspection Report should be sent to: Tim Schutzman, Tim.Schutzman@cranberrytownship.org
The MSA Thru-way is part of the overall Rt. 228 improvements project.

April 2018 Project Map (click link to open)
MSA Thruway
image_Fireworks web

Changes to Pennsylvania's Fireworks Law

Read Act 43 of 2017, which took effect October 30, 2017.
For more information, review the presentation

Significant changes affecting the sale and use of fireworks in the Commonwealth were enacted by the state last fall.
More types of fireworks, sold by more types of stores, will now be available in Cranberry

Prior to the enactment of PA Act 43 of 2017, only fireworks classified as “novelties,” including hand-held sparkers, poppers, smoke balls and snakes, could be sold to or used by residents without licenses or significant restrictions.  More powerful pyrotechnic devices, classified as either “consumer” grade or “display” grade, could only be sold by a handful of vendors from permanent stores in the state, and even then, only if the buyer produces proof of a pyrotechnician’s license or an approved permit for a fireworks display issued by their local municipality.  

That has now changed.  Pennsylvania residents 18 and older will be able to buy both novelty and most consumer-grade fireworks from any store or tent that is licensed by Pennsylvania’s Department of Agriculture – the state agency charged with regulating the distribution and use of fireworks.  As long as the user is sober, that person can buy, keep and discharge novelty-grade items pretty much without restriction.  However, the act stipulates that consumer-grade fireworks require permission from the property owner, must be discharged at least 150 feet from any occupiable structure, and cannot be aimed at buildings, vehicles or people.

Under the law, display-level fireworks – the types that are produced by companies like Zambelli for use in stadiums and municipal fireworks shows – are typically limited to “professional pyrotechnicians” and may not be sold to or used by the general public.  Other explosives, including cherry bombs and M-80 devices, are dangerous and illegal in all 50 states. 

Long-term Community Health and Sustainability

International Property Maintenance Code (ICC 2015)
Cranberry Township has adopted the ICC code - here is the Adopting Ordinance 2017-476

For more information, review the presentation


Adding to our toolbox
Jan 18 Stormwater MS 4

Stormwater Programs

The Township is subject to a new set of regulations of the State MS4 (Municipal Storm Sewer Separation) program and required to protect both water quantity and quality in watercourses.The Township is now part of these new federal and state regulations and mandates. HOA’s need to be aware that detention ponds should be inspected annually. There are 300+ ponds in Cranberry Township. If requested, the Township will walk through the pond inspection with neighborhood representatives. 
The Township is seeking to collaborate with the HOAs and neighborhoods. 
For more informationreview the presentation