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Park Station, Cranberry Twp Volunteer Fire Company

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The Park station was constructed in 1995 with an addition added in 2019 and is located on Route 19 at the entrance to the Community Park. It houses Engine 21-2, Tower 21, Squad 21, Brush 21, Fire Police 21-1, Fire Police 21-3, and our 1928 Pirsch Pumper. Take a virtual tour of the Park Station  

Become a Member of the Cranberry Township Volunteer Fire Company

Neighbors.  Volunteers.  Friends.

We need you.  Cranberry needs you.  Membership in CTVFC is open to everyone 14 or older.  We have different categories of membership; the right category for you depends on your interests, experience and availability.  For example, we have:

  • Brigade members.  First responders who fight fires and provide ground support.
  • Fire Police.  Assist with traffic control and related issues at the scene of incidents.
  • Junior.  14 - 17 year olds who train to become firefighters alongside first responders.
  • Associate.  Credentialed firefighters whose primary membership is with another fire company.
  • Administrative.  Volunteers who provide support with committees and community events.
  • Ladies Auxiliary.  Women who support the Fire Company’s family and social events.

The Fire Company meets and trains on Tuesday evenings throughout the year.  All members serve a minimum six-month probation period prior to achieving full membership.  All required training and equipment is provided free of charge for Brigade and Fire Police members.

Company members who do not want to serve in the Brigade or Fire Police have a variety of other valuable projects and activities they can choose from, such as our Fire Safety and Education Program.

Members of CTVFC take an immense pride in their community, their volunteer service, and the fact that their work makes a huge difference in the quality of life here.

The composition of Cranberry’s Fire Company mirrors the community it serves.  Our members include a variety of professionals and craftspeople as well as retirees and students.

Questions regarding membership, please e-mail us at