How do you announce Cancellations?
Receive cancellation information via email or text message by subscribing to Cranberry Connect. Cranberry Connect

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1. How do you announce Cancellations?
2. Are Rain Checks available?
3. How do we add an Aide to our membership?
4. Can we have one or more Nannys or Babysitters on our Membership?
5. Is the Waterpark available for private event rentals?
6. What is the ratio of instructors to participants in the Learn to Swim programs?
7. May we have food delivered to the Waterpark?
8. May we bring our own food and drinks into the Waterpark?
9. May parents (who are not swimming) stay for Parties?
10. What is the refund policy regarding Parties?
11. May we bring our own cake to the Party?
12. May we have more than 15 Party guests?