Are guests permitted?

 Only Members may purchase Guest Passes for $6. (Prices have increased $1, across the Board.) Residents entering through Daily Admission are not able to purchase Guest Passes.

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1. Are masks required?
2. Are guests permitted?
3. Must guests be Township residents?
4. Can non-residents buy a 2021 Membership?
5. Will members still be admitted at 11:15 AM?
6. May we bring our own chairs to the Waterpark?
7. Will members be turned away if capacity is reached?
8. Will there be two lines, for members and non-members?
9. Will members receive priority admittance over non-members?
10. Will information on capacity be releases on busy and slow days?
11. May we bring outside food into the Waterpark?
12. Will there be scheduled lap swims?
13. Will Friday Noodle Nights continue this season?
14. Are birthday parties and deck rentals available?
15. Are swim lessons taking place?
16. How do you announce Cancellations?