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Business Hub

  1. Sustainable Business Designation Program Checklist

    The Sustainable Business Designation in Cranberry Township has just been launched! Join us in contributing to a Healthy Cranberry... More…

  1. Sustainable Business Pledge Checklist

    Recognition as a Healthy Cranberry Business includes participating in a voluntary program that highlights and congratulates businesses... More…

Communications Team

  1. Block Party Reservation Form

    Cranberry would like to help your neighborhood host your next block party!

Community Development

  1. Request for Notification of Public Hearing

    Any person that desires to be notified of future Township Public Hearings pursuant to Act 36 must complete a Cranberry Township Act 36... More…

  1. TYPE II Residential Accessory Zoning Permit Online Application

Customer Service

  1. Contact Us

    Your comments, questions and concerns are important to us. When you submit this form we will immediately direct it to the proper... More…

Golf Course

  1. Business Meeting Planner

    Cranberry Highlands questionnaire for business meetings

  2. Cranberry Highlands Customer Service Scorecard
  3. Customer Loyalty Rewards Program

    Play more green, spend less green! Earn points for all Pro Shop purchases- golf fees, merchandise, lessons, range, and more!

  4. Final Guest Count
  5. Golf Lessons
  1. Contact Us

    Your comments, questions and concerns about Cranberry Highlands Golf Course are important to us. When you submit this form we will... More…

  2. Cranberry Highlands Wedding Planner
  3. Event Planner
  4. GHIN Registration

Parks and Recreation

  1. Cranberry Rotary Dog Park Pet Honor Bricks

    Use this form when: You wish to place a brick in honor of a cherished pet. Money raised from Honor Bricks is used to purchase... More…

  2. Individual Volleyball Player Request

    Use this form when: You would like to join a Volleyball Team. Tell us a bit about your League interests and skill level, and we will... More…

  1. High School Senior Project Facility Request Form

    Use this form when: You are a senior in high school and you want to use a Township facility to prepare a project needed for... More…

Public Safety

  1. Anonymous Tip Form

    The information provided on this form is submitted directly to the Cranberry Township Police Department.

  1. Public Safety Training Center

    Use this form to reserve the Public Safety Training Center. Your request is not final until it is confirmed by our department.

Public Works

  1. Adopt-a-Roadway Application Form

    Use this form when: To volunteer as a roadway clean-up sponsor.

  2. Butler COG Crack Sealer Rental
  3. Missing/Damaged Sign Reporting Form for Residents

    This form enables residents to report a missing or damaged traffic sign

  1. Adopt-a-Roadway Release Form

    Use this form when: You have volunteered to participate in the Township’s roadside trash pickup program. This form releases the... More…

  2. Crack Sealant Damage Claim Form

    Use this form if you believe there has been damage to your vehicle from crack sealant road repairs in the Township. This form requests... More…

  3. Paint Damage Claim Form

    Use this form when paint from a Township street lane marking operation has splattered onto your vehicle. This form requests details to... More…

Sewer, Water and Trash Collection Services

  1. Apply for Water, Sewer and Trash Service

    Do not use this form if you are moving in the next 24 hours. Contact the Customer Service Center directly, Mon.-Fri., 7:30 AM-5:00 PM.

  2. Odor Complaint Form

    If you notice odors coming from the Brush Creek Treatment Plant on Powell Road, please let us know.

  3. Temporary Water Service Turn Off Request

    Use this form when: you will be away for an extended period or are changing tenants in a rental property you own and want the Township... More…

  1. Final Reading Request

    Use this form when: You are moving out and need to pay for your final water and sewer use. This form requests a technician to come to... More…

  2. One-Time Sewer Credit (Pool or Lawn )

    Use this form when: You are starting a lawn at a newly built home or filling a newly built pool for the first time; or for annual... More…

  3. Water Leak Credit Request

    Use this form when: Your home has had a significant water leak due to a broken pipe or meter. This form requests relief from the... More…