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New Hire Induction Meeting RSVP

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  3. Select your Induction Meeting date. Please keep a record of your selected meeting date and time.

    Meeting locations: Council Chambers and Grange Hall (Senior Center). Both rooms are located in the Cranberry Township Municipal Center.

  4. This enables us to determine which clearances will be required.

  5. Select (1) from the following:*

  6. Have you had any of the following clearances done through another employer within the past 4 years and have them available to bring with you to your induction meeting?

  7. Check 'yes' or 'no', regarding each clearance:

  8. PA Child Abuse Clearance*

  9. PA State Police Criminal Background Check*

  10. FBI Federal Background Check*

  11. Have you been a Pennsylvania resident continuously for the past 10 years? *

  12. Once you confirm your induction date, and whether you have and can provide copies of the clearances that may be required for your position, we will send you an email regarding employment paperwork.

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