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Our Mission

The Cranberry Township community isn’t shy about supporting each other. Fundraisers, charity drives and service projects are commonplace and a large part of what makes the Township a great place to live, work and play.

In that spirit, Cranberry Township is excited to introduce the new Volunteer Cranberry program that will better connect residents with opportunities to serve the Cranberry Township community and beyond. 

Volunteer Cranberry is a resource for people, groups, and businesses within the Township that are interested in donating their time towards the betterment of the community. The purpose of this program is to act as a liaison between projects and potential volunteers looking for opportunities.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in our new 'Volunteer Days' and assist with pre-determined projects at our parks, facilities, and greenspaces.

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Current Programs

  1. Volunteer Days
  2. Leaf Angels
  3. Snow Angels
  4. 412 Food Rescue
  5. Adopt-a-Roadway

Introducing Volunteer Days! 

Groups, organizations, and individuals are invited to lend a hand in a number of volunteer opportunities around Cranberry Township. Projects will occur on an as-needed basis and can take place at a Township park, facility, or greenspace. Information on projects and sign-up links will be sent out via email.

Want to participate? Fill out our Volunteer Sign-Up form to be added to our mailing list! Then, be on the look out for emails from Volunteer Cranberry about our upcoming projects!

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Other Regional Opportunities

412 Food Rescue is a local nonprofit that uses a network of volunteers to complete food rescues by picking up fresh, donated foods from local donors (grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, etc.) and delivering them to churches, shelters, or homes who will be able to use it. 

With the 412 Food Rescue app, available for download on most smartphones, volunteers can view opportunities nearby and rescues can take as little as 30 minutes. Food rescues are family-friendly, and becoming a volunteer is as simple as downloading the app to your phone!

Once you claim a food rescue, the app will guide you step by step, providing important information like where to go, who to call, contact names, and specific drop-off instructions. There are several opportunities in the Cranberry Township area. 

This program saves food from going to waste AND helps fight food insecurity. Download the 412 Food Rescue app today!

Learn more about 412 Food Rescue's mission on their website


412 Food Rescue Contact:
Food Donation & Volunteer Support: 
(412) 277-3831
Non-Food Recovery Inquiries: 
(412) 368-6727

412 Food Rescue - Rescue Steps

Are you a part of an organization that works with volunteers? Our program can help spread the word! 

Volunteer Cranberry is always looking for new opportunities to promote, and organizations can now submit their volunteer opportunities to our Project Partner portal. Fill out the form, and your submission will be considered for placement on our website.

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Township Boards, Commissions, and Other Volunteer Opportunities

Cranberry Township offers a number of opportunities for service, including the groups listed below. Individuals a part of these groups volunteer their time to help make Cranberry a better place to live, work, and play.

To apply to a Volunteer Boards and/or Commissions - click here

Learn more about volunteering for:

Contact Volunteer Cranberry
Email : Volunteer@cranberrytownship.org
Volunteer Sign-Up Form

Former Program - Community Response Team

Cranberry Together

During the global pandemic, with many people in our area facing an unprecedented shutdown of daily life, community spirit was needed more than ever. Individuals answered the Township's call and served on the Community Response Team, that delivered essential basic needs like food, water, toiletries, and more to neighbors in need. This group helped ease the burden the pandemic was having in our area and showed how volunteering in a time of uncertainty could help make the day a little brighter.

Learn more about our Community Response Team