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Cranberry Highlands Business Discount Program

  1. Cranberry-Highands
  2. Our program is designed to accommodate golfers who own a business within the municipality, but are not Cranberry Township residents. To register, please submit this form, and Jesse Horner, PGA Director of Golf, will contact you.
  3. If you are a currently reside in Cranberry Township, there is no need to register, as the benefits to you are the same.
  4. We welcome Cranberry Township business owners to enjoy our beautiful course, at resident rates.

    As the business owner, you and three designated employees may be listed and entitled to golf. Please provide your business email address and the business email addresses for each of your three designated employees. If your business closes or moves outside of the municipality, your enrollment for the current calendar year becomes null and void.

    • As the business owner, you, or one of your designated employees must reserve all tee times under the business name to receive the resident rate.
    • Resident Rates apply Monday – Sunday, for regular tee time play.
    • Preferred tee time reservations are available 14 days in advance.
    • Each participant may bring and pay for up to 4 guests (including themselves) per day.
    • Not valid for any group, outing or tournament play.

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