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Commuters rejoice!

You have a choice of buses to work 

Yes, you can get there from here!  Weekday bus service to Pittsburgh for Cranberry residents is available from but you’ll have to scout around the perimeters of the Township because none of them actually make stops in Cranberry proper.  And, unless enough commuters find and use those services, they’ll eventually go away. They’re all part of a lingering desire to re-introduce scheduled transit service to Cranberry following the collapse of the Harmony Short Line trolley all the way back in 1931.  

Detailed information about all the services, including their fees and schedules, is available at their respective websites, listed below:

That’s not all.  The ten-county nonprofit Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission operates an online service called which offers a free ride-matching service to commuters interested in carpooling or vanpooling.  Currently active pools in the Township include one from Cranberry to Oakland and another from Cranberry to downtown Pittsburgh.  More could be added if demand increases.

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 Park and Ride Locator Maps

Park-n-ride facilities are designated areas where drivers can park their vehicles or commuters can be dropped off and board public transit. Park-n-rides are also great places for carpools and vanpools to meet up with their group.


Join the program with a phone call or register online - save time and money. Visit or call 1-888-819-6110.

CommuteLogo.jpgCommuteInfo is available to meet with employers 

Schedule an onsite meeting at your workplace, 1-888-819-6110.

CommuteInfo serves employers and commuters in: Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Lawrence, Washington and Westmoreland counties. The Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission's CommuteInfo® program is designed to increase the number of people who travel to work or school by transit, carpool, vanpool, or bikepool. CommuteInfo operates the region's carpool and vanpool program. The goal is for commuters living, working, or attending school within the 10-county SPC region to choose ridesharing at least twice a week. Over 1,250 commuters a day ride in a CommuteInfo carpool or vanpool.