Public Access & Accessibility

The Board of Supervisors has adopted policies that assure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The following is the resolution adopted by the Board with the Township's position and administrative procedures related to that Act.

RESOLUTION NO. 94-09: A Resolution of the Township of Cranberry in the County of Butler, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, providing for updates to the Township's policies and procedures regarding non-discrimination on the basis of disability as related to the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990.

WHEREAS, it is the desire of the Township to reaffirm its policy of non-discrimination practices on the basis of disability; and

WHEREAS, it is necessary to formalize a grievance procedure to facilitate the prompt and equitable resolution of complaints alleging discrimination on the basis of disability; and

WHEREAS, it is in the best interest of the Township and the public at large to clearly establish and communicate these policies and procedures;

NOW, Therefore, be it Resolved that the Township enact the attached policy and grievance procedure regarding non-discrimination on the basis of disability.

RESOLVED AND ENACTED by the Cranberry Township Board of Supervisors this 3rd day of February, 1994.

Americans With Disabilities Act and Local Government

Cranberry Township ADA Grievance Procedure

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