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Thank you to everyone participating in this year's Leaf Angel program! All matches have been made, and all volunteers/requestees have been contacted. No additional volunteers or requests will be accepted at this time.

Volunteer Cranberry runs a similar 'Snow Angel' program in the winter, where volunteers get matched with a resident in need of assistance, then shovel ice and snow from the property after the major snowstorms of the season. Visit our website www.cranberrytownship.org/snowangels to learn more. The Snow Angel volunteer application opens November 13, and the application for requests opens November 20!

Volunteer to be a Cranberry Leaf Angel

The Leaf Angel Program matches dedicated volunteers with Cranberry Township residents who are unable to rake and collect leaves during the leaf collection season. The Leaf Angel Program is a direct result of the Township’s Snow Angel Program that assists residents in need of snow removal.

Family, friends, and neighbors are encouraged to help a neighbor in this simple, but truly important way. 

The application for Leaf Angel volunteers opens October 2, and the application for requests opens October 9. The program runs from November 1 until the end of yard waste collection.  

The Township requires that all leaves collected be deposited in yard waste carts or disposed of in biodegradable bags and left at the curb for collection, per Vogel Waste Disposal requirements.  No loose leaves or unapproved plastic bags will be accepted.  Five biodegradable leaf bags (per yard) will be donated to each volunteer.  All bags should be sealed and weigh less than 50 pounds per Vogel Waste Disposal requirements.

  • Groups of volunteers are encouraged to work together. Gather friends, family clubs, church groups, employee groups or individuals to provide community service while meeting new neighbors.
  • Volunteers must be 15 years older OR be accompanied by a parents/guardian.
  • Bring your own rakes, gloves, and leaf bags (5 leaf bags will be donated by Cranberry Township). 
  • Rake leaves at your convenience; weekends, morning, or afternoon.
  • Commit to taking at least one yard, or more, as time permits.
  • All yards will be located in Cranberry Township.
  • Volunteers are required to complete the online application which includes a liability waiver and photography use agreement.  All participants must complete, electronically sign, and submit the form before a volunteer match can be made.

Request Leaf Angel Help

  • Residents who need assistance in leaf removal must complete the “Request for Need” application form, which includes a liability waiver statement.  All residents must complete, electronically sign, and submit the form before a volunteer match can be made.
  • The Program Manager will conduct a screening call with the resident and confirm that service is needed.   After approval, the resident will be matched with a volunteer. The Township will strive to connect the volunteers with residents in proximity of the home address, when possible.
  • Once a connection is made, it is the responsibility of the participants to schedule the leaf collection.
  • Please note:  Volunteers will rake & cleanup ONE TIME.
  • Requests may pause while we wait for additional volunteers to sign up.