Budgets and Financial Reports

2022 Proposed Budget: Moving Forward: Even Stronger

This fiscally sound Budget carries on the long-established principles set by the Board of Supervisors. The proposed Budget continues moving the Township forward in becoming an ever-stronger community by pursuing critical infrastructure investment as well as investing in quality-of-life assets and amenities which increase the value for our shareholders, our residents and business community.

The previous two years have certainly been tumultuous as a result of the global pandemic and the unknowns about its impact both fiscally and operationally. The proposed 2021 budget, for the first time in three decades, projected an operational deficit, due in part, to revenue projections which anticipated a decrease in 2021 revenue. In response, management committed to aggressive measures to negate a potential deficit. I am happy to report, based on current budget projections, the measures implemented in 2021 will be successful. Revenue in most areas are returning to pre-pandemic levels and projected operating revenue is expected to exceed operational expenses through 2021.

The Township has come through this period in a strong financial position due to the fiscal principles that have been in place for many years. Moving forward we expect to continually strengthen our position as we work towards the implementation of the long-range plans of the Township. 

2021 Budget: Pulling Together Through The COVID-19 Global Pandemic

It is not reasonable to present a proposed 2021 Budget without acknowledging the on‐going impact bought upon us by the COVID‐19 Global Pandemic. President John F. Kennedy once said “..In a crisis, be aware of the danger but recognize the opportunity”. That is exactly how we as a community approached the COVID‐19 Global Pandemic and continue to do so.