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Public Works

  1. Adopt-a-Roadway Application Form

    Use this form when: To volunteer as a roadway clean-up sponsor.

  2. Butler COG Crack Sealer Rental
  3. Crack Sealant Damage Claim Form

    Use this form if you believe there has been damage to your vehicle from crack sealant road repairs in the Township. This form requests... More…

  4. Paint Damage Claim Form

    Use this form when paint from a Township street lane marking operation has splattered onto your vehicle. This form requests details to... More…

  1. Adopt-a-Roadway Release Form

    Use this form when: You have volunteered to participate in the Township’s roadside trash pickup program. This form releases the... More…

  2. Contact the Public Works Team

    Your comments, questions and concerns about Public Works are important to us. We will forward your message to the appropriate staff... More…

  3. Missing/Damaged Sign Reporting Form for Residents

    This form enables residents to report a missing or damaged traffic sign