CTPA Members

Court Reserve

Our schedule is through a software program call Court Reserve and once you become a member we will invite you to register and enter a password. 

The schedule is exclusive only for you where you will be able to sign up for any event or sessions listed on your schedule.

CTPA Club Rating  

NEW  10/31/2019   New Club Rating (Promotion Evaluation) procedures for promotion to the next level.  

Promotion Evaluation: A similar  method has been used as a test in 2018 and in 2019 we used this procedure to verify the level of play of new experienced members who self-rated themselves as they joined CTPA.   The method has been refined even further and testing on several members and furthered enhanced.  Overall the feedback has been very positive as the best method to determine a fair & reliable club rating.  

To learn more about Promotion Evaluation, new rating procedures, please click here  NEW CLUB RATING PROCEDURE

For 2019 our committee  approved  these other methods for establishing a club rating and will re-review which if any will be used in 2020 at the next annual meeting at the end of the year.   Those methods are;.

  1. Recent USAPA rating or;
  2. IPTPA rating, and/or;
  3. CTPA  internal C & C rating.

USAPA rating:  We will accept a current USAPA rating. For more details on this type of rating, please click here  USAPA RATING

IPTPA rating: To get more details on this type of rating, please click here IPTPA RATING

Clique & Club (C & C) rating: To get more details on this type of rating, please click here C & C RATING

QUESTIONS, regarding ratings Email: Contact@CTPApickleball.com

Keep your CTPA Member Card with your pickleball paddle 

You must have both to play

CTPA Member Cards     New Rules for 2019

  •  We use membership cards, so we can ensure only paid CTPA members can play during CTPA times and indoors at a discounted rate.   We do this because as CTPA members we are helping to pay off the debt of the courts and have a goal to expand courts in the future.   Your membership fees help to generate the revenue to accomplish this.  In exchange, the township allows CTPA members only to use the courts 6AM to 1PM and 5PM to 9PM.   Your membership card must be displayed one of three ways:

    1. You can put your card on the fence posts between courts when you are playing.   When you move to another court you should move your card.
    2. You can pin the card to your shoe, hat or clothing.
    3. You can get a card holder and pin your card to your backpack but only if you hang your bag on the fence with your card clearly showing on your backpack.   You cannot put a card on a duffle bag, or a bag placed on the ground or chair or leaning against the fence.  Again, the bag must hang, and the card must be clearly displayed with the photo shown.
  • If you find someone left their membership card behind, put the card in the locked mailbox on Court 1 and the card will be returned to the owner.

    Guest Passes for Non-members  
    Only you as a member can buy a guest pass for a non-member you want to invite to play.  You do this by going onto Court Reserve for the day you are planning to have the guest and go to 9 PM.   You can then register and pay ($5) for one guest pass.    If you are planning to have more than one guest, you will need other members to buy a pass for the other guests.  You should buy the guest pass BEFORE the event.   Please be fair to everyone who bought a yearly membership by making sure  YOU bought a pass for your guest.

    Checking to verify a Member bought a Guest Pass
    If you want to verify that a member did buy a guest pass just go to Court Reserve and verify that a pass was purchased.   That members name should be on the list.   If they did bring a guest and did not purchase the guest pass you can either POLITELY explained to that member or report it to any committee member and we will address it.