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What’s going on this month?

Just highlighting a couple of classes - please check the calendar for the full schedule.

Saturday, February 22 - 8:15 -Group Barbell and 9:30 - Rejuvenate and Restore Yoga with Nancy

Hatha Yoga with Becca - Tuesdays, 10:30 AM – A more relaxed pace yoga practice that integrates breathwork with deliberate muscle awareness. No flow yoga. 

Pilates - Wednesdays 9:20 AM for February. Every week at the end of class, we also roll out a different body part. What is rolling out? Whether due to injury, misuse, abuse or overuse our bodies can get trigger points or adhesions that basically are like glue that doesn’t allow us to move freely. We get "stuck". Using the Yoga Tune up Therapy balls can help us get unstuck and lead a pain free life. Give it a try!

Rejuvenate and Restore Yoga - Alternating between Mondays and Fridays for February.  It will be a Gentle Yoga class with no flow but we will still strengthen and stretch our muscles. We will also use the Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls to get into your tight spaces and just feel better! Come and join us!


These classes are not included n the membership. Cost is $10/resident, $12/non-resident. Must meet minimum 3 days in advance or class will be cancelled. Registrants will be notified by email if class is cancelled.

2/9 - Sunday Yoga Flow and Roll (#9163)- A 75-minute Flow class. We start slow, build our flows and have a lot of time on the floor. Lots of modifications will be given! Previous experience helpful but anyone can do this class. We will finish the class with fascial release with the Yoga TuneUp therapy balls.

2/23 - Sunday Rejuvenate and Restore Yoga (#9164) - This is a Gentle Yoga class with no flow but we will still strengthen and stretch our muscles. We will also be using the Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls to get into your tight spaces and just feel better!

We are always in need of competent Fitness Instructors! 
Please email, so we can discuss!

Monthly schedules are posted and emailed in advance to participants

Get fit while having fun in our group fitness classes. Choose from a full menu of morning, afternoon and evening innovative and established 60, 45, and 30-minute exercise sessions, six days a week, all year long. There are no long-term contracts or membership fees and all classes on the monthly calendar are included with a monthly membership.  Join for a month or take a class- the choice is yours!

All classes are multi-level, designed for participants 18 and older (Ages 14-17, if accompanied by a legal guardian) ranging from beginner through advanced.  Examples of classes featured in our program include: Yoga Flow, Rejuvenate and Restore Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Gentle Yoga and Yoga with H.I.I.T,  Fitness-Lite, Zumba, Group Barbell, Sculpt 360, Cardio Core H.I.I.T., Pilates, and much more. We’re always adding new classes. Once registered, you can participate in as many sessions as you choose.

Take a class! Try it - you’ll love it. We offer a ’free class’ option for newcomers. Check with our Customer Service Desk for details


THE 4 WEEK SESSION OPTION - Great for the afternoon or evening person who doesn’t have the time for a lot of classes but would like to attend for one afternoon or evening a week and/or someone who wants to see if this is the type of place/class is right for them. Each class has a corresponding number to make it easy to register. These numbers are in the brochure and online. There are three 4 -week sessions:   

SESSION I: February 10 - March 7  

To register, click here and Search Activities with the course number below

Mondays 4:45 - Afternoon Strong Yoga Flow – 9295

Thursdays 5:40 -Gentle Yoga – 9221

Saturdays 8:15 - Group Barbell – 9299

Mondays 7:00 - Sculpt 360 – 9217

Wednesdays 6:30- Strength training – 9222

(12:45) Wednesday Afternoon Yoga Flow – 9278

Thursdays 6:30 - Yoga with H.I.I.T. – 9275

Mondays 5:50- Zumba – 9218

Tuesdays 6:30- Zumba Toning – 9220

 SESSION II: March 16 - April 11  SESSION III: April 20-May 16


  • All morning, afternoon and evening classes on the monthly calendar are included in the membership
  • Visit the Online Registration page and select the appropriate box: 
  • Login, if you have an account or create an account.
  • Group Fitness membership options are listed in the left column.
  • For assistance or to update your account, contact the Parks & Recreation Customer Service Desk, 724-779-4FUN (4386). 

2020 Monthly Membership Rates (all membership options are auto-renewal - you may cancel any time! If you start in the middle of the month, we can pro-rate that month)

  • Resident Membership: $42
  • Non-resident Membership: $45
  • Student Membership: $35
  • 55+ Membership: $35

$10 Resident
 $12 for Non-resident