CTPA League Registration

Ladder Leagues

There will be a variety of Ladder Leagues being offered.

Ladders registration will be announce to all members by email.

  • Tuesday evening 2.5/3.0 Ladder
  • Thursday evening 3.5/4.0/4.5 Ladder
  • :Other ladders will be announced
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CTPA Club Rating  

Club rating procedures: We have three methods for establishing a club rating:
  1. Recent USAPA rating or;
  2. IPTPA rating, and/or;
  3. CTPA  internal C & C rating.
To learn more about our rating procedures, please click here CLUB RATING PROCEDURE

USAPA rating:  We will accept a current USAPA rating. For more details on this type of rating, please click here  USAPA RATING

IPTPA rating: To get more details on this type of rating, please click here IPTPA RATING

Clique & Club (C & C) rating: To get more details on this type of rating, please click here C & C RATING

QUESTIONS, regarding ratings 

Email: Contact@CTPApickleball.com

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Keep your CTPA Member Card with your pickleball paddle 

You must have both to play

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CTPA Member Cards     New Rules for 2019

     We use membership cards, so we can ensure only paid CTPA members can play during CTPA times and indoors at a discounted rate.   We do this because as CTPA members we are helping to pay off the debt of the courts and have a goal to expand courts in the future.   Your membership fees help to generate the revenue to accomplish this.  In exchange, the township allows CTPA members only to use the courts 6AM to 1PM and 5PM to 9PM.   Your membership card must be displayed one of three ways:

    1. You can put your card on the fence posts between courts when you are playing.   When you move to another court you should move your card.
    2. You can pin the card to your shoe, hat or clothing.
    3. You can get a card holder and pin your card to your backpack but only if you hang your bag on the fence with your card clearly showing on your backpack.   You cannot put a card on a duffle bag, or a bag placed on the ground or chair or leaning against the fence.  Again, the bag must hang, and the card must be clearly displayed with the photo shown.

    If you find someone left their membership card behind, put the card in the locked mailbox on Court 1 and the card will be returned to the owner.

    You can replace a lost membership card at Parks & Rec Customer Service for $20 but you should contact your session coordinator first to see if the card can be located.

    What if people are playing without membership cards?

     WE will need everyone keeping an eye for Non-Members playing during CTPA times.   We want to encourage all members to keep an eye out for someone that they do not know and check to see if they have a membership card.

    Then most likely they are not CTPA members and are using your court while you are waiting.    We encourage all members to politely ask those players for their membership cards.   If they do not have one, then politely let them know that they need to be members to play and refer them to the bulletin board for further details.   If they do not leave, then notify a CTPA session coordinator to handle the situation. Please be polite and encourage them to think about joining CTPA as we would like as many new members as possible