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Recreation Program Proposal

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  2. Recreation Program Proposal

    Recreation Program Proposals:
    Cranberry Township is always interested in expanding our recreation, sports and leisure programs. Program ideas should reflect the needs and wants of the resident of Cranberry Township. If you would like to teach a program, or have a great idea for a new program, please read and fill out the following program proposal.

    The Parks and Recreation Department’s Program Goals/Standards:
    1. To offer a high quality of recreation programs, led by qualified, committed and effective leaders.
    2. Offer participants a wide-ranging continuum of program opportunities.
    3. Provide a reasonably priced recreational experience for the residents of Cranberry Township.
    4. Programs must enroll and retain a suitable number of participants in order to ensure cost recovery. Please include the minimum and maximum number of participants that your program can serve in your proposal.
    5. All recreation proposals must have a clear program plan, including program goals and objectives.

  3. PLEASE NOTE: If you teach more than one session of an activity, you will be required to complete a separate form for each session.

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