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Special Events Application

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  2. Special Event Application

    Application must be completed and returned, to Cranberry Township Parks & Recreation, a minimum of 90 days prior to the event. **There is no refund for reservations cancelled within 30 days of event**

  3. Is Organization a Non-Profit or Governmental User:*
  4. Certificate of Liability Insurance, naming Cranberry Township Additionally Insured:*

    *A copy of Insurance Certificate must be provided a minimum of 30 days prior to the event*

  5. Event Information

  6. ex. 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

  7. Set Up/Assemble/Construction & Dismantle Needs:


    Cranberry Township strongly discourages special events that involve significantly impacting regularly scheduled events in our parks and/or events that involve roads, parking lots, trails and facilities outside Township owned/managed property. Applicants must complete (ATTACHMENT #1) for consideration of such special events.

  9. Promotion / Advertising / Marketing

  10. Will this event be promoted, advertised, or marketed?*
  11. Will there be any live media coverage during your event?*
  12. Refer all event public inquiries and /or media requests for this event to:

  13. (include a flyer and/or website to direct inquiries too)

  14. Site / Route Specifics

  15. Is this a night event?*
  16. Have you hired any professional security or event management organizations to manage any portion of the event and/or its security?*
  17. If YES, please list:

  18. First Aid & Emergency Plans

  19. Bathroom & Waste Collection Needs

    *These items will be ordered, provided and placed by the Township. Event will be invoiced for associated expense.

  20. (1 for every 250 people anticipated)

  21. (minimum of 1; 25% of total units)

  22. (minimum of 1 garbage and 1 recycle container for every 250 people anticipated)

  23. Concession & Entertainment Features Associate with the Event

  24. Will food services be offered at the Event?*
  25. Are there any musical entertainment features to your event or loudspeakers being used?*

    If YES, please complete the following:

  26. Will sound amplification be used? If YES, please indicate:

  27. AM/PM

  28. AM/PM

  29. Will sound checks be conducted prior to the event? If YES, please indicate:

  30. Are there any rides, inflatable rides, or additional tents being used for the event?*
  31. Are there any animal associated attractions (petting zoos, pony rides, etc.)associate with the event?*
  32. Any signs, banners, decorations, or special lighting needed for the event?*
  33. *Event Electrical Requirements

    *The Township will evaluate and, if possible, assist special events with their electrical requirements at the expense of the event. The Township cannot guarantee event electricity. The Township expense of any electrical requirements of the event, as well as the need of the Township to respond to an electrical problem during or as a result of the event will be the responsibility of Event and its organizers.


    *PLEASE ATTACH YOUR SITE MAP DIAGRAM HERE (include placement of all structures, tents, portable toilet, waste station placement, tables, chairs, fencing, barriers, cones, generators, vendor booths, display areas, platforms or stages, vehicle or trailer locations, food eating areas, food cooking/preparation booths, first aid location, etc.):

    PLEASE ATTACH YOUR ROUTE MAP/TRAFFIC MAP HERE (If your event involves a moving route of any kind along streets, sidewalks, or highways, You must provide a detailed map showing the direction of travel and a written narrative explaining the route. If you have a fixed venue site, please show a side map of how the surrounding streets will be impacted):

    *PLEASE ATTACH a written DETAILED DESCRIPTION of your event including any detailed components of your event such as the use of vehicles, animals, rides, etc.

  35. Check box acknowledging understanding and agreement to pay and/or reimburse Cranberry Township for all expenses and fees associated with this Special Event. No event will be conducted without the payment of appropriate rental fees, equipment fees including fuel costs, and manpower costs in accordance with established policies, procedures, and fee schedules. Manpower costs will include those hours Township staff spends on planning the event.*
  36. Check box acknowledging understanding and intent to abide by Chapter 16 of the Cranberry Township Code of Ordinances, Parks and Recreation Applicability; Rules and Regulations (Attachment 2) for events held on any Cranberry Township park, playground, recreation center or facility owned by the Township. The Organization and all associated with the organization and this special event are accountable to abide by these rules and regulations.*
  37. Check box acknowledging understanding Cranberry Township’s INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY for Special Events, which states that Events cannot be delayed for any reason. Events are coordinated with other functions and park users and delays will adversely affect their schedules. The Township will attempt to work with organizations to include a date to reschedule an event in case of weather cancellation. The Township cannot guarantee that facilities, equipment, personnel, resources, and/or roadways while be available to reschedule an event. If an event is cancelled all extra-ordinary costs incurred by the Township are required to be paid by the Event sponsor.*
  38. By e-signing below, I certify that answers given herein are true, complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that false or misleading information given by me in this application, or in associated phone or in person confirmation contacts, may result in discharge.
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