Save on your water bill with a deduct meter

Deduct Meter Options

A deduct meter enables customers to realize a savings for water that does not enter the sanitary sewage system. Examples of water that does not enter the system: lawn sprinkler systems, swimming pools, washing vehicles.

Is a deduct meter right for me?

* Deduct meters can be used by residential and business customers. The savings appears on the sewage portion of the monthly Sewer & Water bill.
* A typical home uses 30,000 gallons per year for outside watering.
* A customer that uses 30,000 gallons for outside watering would realize a savings of $293.40 (30 thousand X $9.78) yearly.
* $9.78 is the sewage rate per 1,000 gallons. ($.009780 per 1 gallon)

Deduct Meter 5/8” X ¾ Costs: $453.00
Estimated Plumbing Costs: $200.00

By dividing $653.00 by $293.40, it will take approximately 2.3 years to realize a savings beyond the investment.
Individual water usage varies, so the realized savings will also differ.

Estimated Total: $653.00

Deduct Meter Request

Contact our Customer Service Center with questions. Ph: 724-776-4806

Pricing, requesting a meter, and meter drawings
Sprinkler System Drawings

Deduct Meter Installation Guidelines

  • The installation site of the deduct meter must be within 3 feet of the existing domestic water meter spread. 
  • Only the outside hose bibs (faucets) and lawn sprinkler systems can be connected to the deduct meter. (nothing internal)
  • Cranberry Township will install the deduct meter and the remote reader. Under normal installations (i.e. unfinished basements or open areas) the Township will install the wire for the remote reader.
  • If the deduct meter is to be installed in a finished basement, in a closet or boxed-in area, it is the responsibility of the customer to run the remote wire from the deduct meter spread to the remote reader location on the outside of the structure.
  • The remote wire will be furnished by the Township and must be in-place before a deduct meter will be installed.
  • The deduct meter remote location must be within one foot of the existing remote reader location.
  • If the remote wire exits the structure below ground level, a conduit must be installed (including pull-string) starting inside the structure and extending one foot above the finished grade.
  • If the deduct meter is plumbed to a lawn sprinkler system, a reduced pressure zone backflow prevention device is required.
  • A backflow device is supplied and installed by customer.
  • The deduct meter cannot be installed more than 5 feet from floor, without prior approval from the Township.
  • All installations of backflow prevention devices must be tested after installation. 
Deduct Meter Testing Forms            

A copy of the test results, along with tester's current certification and liability insurance, must be submitted to Cranberry Township. Test forms are available Ph: 724-776-4806 x 1515.