Collection Stickers

March 22, 2020 Note: We are currently unable to sell collection stickers online

However, Vogel Disposal Customer Service is prepared to charge customers directly on a credit card for items placed outside of the trash cart, without a sticker, and they will honor our contracted sticker prices.

Call Vogel Disposal directly: Ph: 724-625-1511,  in advance of your collection day, to pay and arrange for pickup off extra items.

Example: If you have two extra trash bags - each requiring a small item sticker, Vogel will charge $1.30 to your credit card.

The Collection Connection program uses prepaid stickers for picking up extra items outside the carts. Household items that are too bulky to be bagged, bundled or put in the trash cart such as extra trash bags, bicycles, lamps, lawn chairs, sofas, mattresses, box springs, washer, dryer, etc. must have a prepaid sticker attached to the item for collection at the curb.  Items will be collected on your regular trash collection day. 

Mattress or Box Springs - Each mattress or box spring requires a $4 bag sticker for pick-up and must be wrapped, for health and safety of the worker. Used mattresses may be soiled, rain-soaked or infested with bed bugs.

  • Wrap the mattress and/or box spring using: sheet plastic, painter’s plastic drop cloth, plastic mattress bag or the plastic covering from the replacement mattress or box spring.
  • Alternative disposal options, Return the old mattress and box spring to the store for disposal or contract for private disposal services: 1-800 Got Junk, or Junk King 1-888-888-5865.

Electronic devices - Pennsylvania law prohibits the recycling/disposal of certain "covered" electronic devices, including desktop and laptop computers, computer monitors, computer peripherals, and televisions. These items are not accepted by the trash hauler. (Effective January 24, 2013)

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If you can’t determine which sticker to use, call 724-COLLECT. (724-265-5328)

Some large and heavy items fall outside the scope of normal residential waste collection and you will need to contract with our hauler or another commercial hauler to remove them. Examples of items outside the contract include  televisions, riding lawn mowers, pianos, hot tubs, exterior doors and windows, garage doors, attic steps, laundry sinks, swing sets, assembled toilet tank and bowl, construction materials, and appliances containing refrigerant of any type. 

Hazardous, infectious, and toxic wastes are not acceptable for household waste collection. Home Hazardous Waste Collection information